About us

Your one-stop solution for commercial cleaning, Australia.

Ever since we started our endeavour, our mission and vision at Klean Cleaning Pty Ltd has always been to ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients. We have the experience and expertise to conduct every facet of commercial as well as domestic cleaning, so much so that when our customers put stakes on us, what they get is nothing short of a one-stop solution. And the most important aspect of our service is that we have the most skilled specialists for every facet of cleaning, and this has been the prime reason, we are never found wanting in terms of quality.
commercial cleaning australia by Klean Cleaning PTY LTD
What makes us so special?

Despite offering premium quality cleaning, we would never tag an exorbitant charge against our service. We offer a pretty reasonable price and that has always been one of the main reasons why we are so much adored.

Another reason behind our success has been transparency. Regardless of the scale of the cleaning project we undertake, we would keep our clients in the loop. This ensures they know what is being done and why.

Our cleaners are periodically trained in the latest cleaning tools and techniques and use eco-friendly cleaning products to come up with highly satisfactory cleaning solutions that justify our clients’ investment in us.

commercial cleaning australia by Klean Cleaning PTY LTD
Call us, therefore, and explain your cleaning needs and compulsions. Our cleaners will come up with the right cleaning solutions for you right away. Get a free upfront cleaning quote from our end straight away.