Customer Stories: Real Experiences with Our Cleaning Services

I was to move out and was looking for a bunch of cleaners, who can clean the property and get us my entire bond money. The property was a little messy for my 4-year-old kid. But Klean Cleaning blokes were awesome. They did some really splendid work! And I got the entire money from my landlord. Thanks, blokes!!
− Will Robinson
I had to clean the carpets of my office, as they were too shabby to continue with. I was thinking of throwing them off when I met Klean Cleaning. And look at the carpets now! They are as good as new! What a cleaning! Thanks, mates!
− Beth Logan
I never clean my windows, for I am afraid I will leave marks on the panes. I hire Klean Cleaning for that and every time they do the cleaning they amaze me with their perfection. Good job!!
− Brian McNeill